CaveMates Club NFT

One million years ago there was an advanced civilization that lived on earth called themselves CaveMates, everyone in modern days thought they went extinct, but hopefully they were not; they found a way to travel through time and live on Ethereum Blockchain forever.

There are many different myths about how they survived, but what’s the true story behind it? No one knows yet, be with us, we will reveal…



Minting Phases

Free Minting only for Whitelisted members 1X/wallet

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CaveMates Minting Fee 0.06 ETH 4X/wallet excluding gas fee.

Only for whitelisted members 4X/wallet for avoiding gas war.

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CaveMates minting fee 0.07 ETH 6X/wallet excluding gas fee.

Public for every one

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Tales from The Cave

The Great explosion:

It was a full moon, from the north side of a cave gate, amber road shined under the moonlight like a gem until it was vanishing from the view by the Baraka's mount slope.

Baraka Mount is a dormant volcano, it had not erupted for hundreds of years, it is the only and one hope for CaveMates to regenerate energy and live in the cave.

Suddenly a loud voice broke the sweet silence of the night, Marcos woke up awfully; without a thought he went to the window, what he saw filled his entire body with fear, to a point that he forgot to put his special fork in his afro hair. The special fork was with Marcos since birth, it is the cure for his mental issue which the great master put in his afro for curing him.

Then something came to Marcus’s mind, he put his Scouter on his right eye and started scanning the area.

There was a huge explosion on Baraka’s crater,

  • “It is impossible” Marcos says to himself. Recent research tells us mount Baraka will not erupting at least in 200 years.

Marcus was busy with scanning around, he saw something strange, four people with red wearing were running from slope to the amber road.

Marcos needed to think fast, he tried to capture some photos with his Scouter, but unfortunately, he couldn't and they disappeared from his view like a lightning.

Now the Marcos’s only choice is to notify the cave quarter and tell them about what he saw.

At the morning someone from the great master's side came after Marcos.

Amio knocked the door and said “Marcos great master summoned you, you must come with me and report everything that you saw last night”

Let’s go Amio “Marcos replies with hesitation”

To be continued…..

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CevaMates Rarity

Wanted Hub

Wanted Mates
Wanted CaveMates will chosen randomly, randomly selected Cavemate will be shared on our website and social medias, owner of the wanted NFT will receive the prize.

Amber Road

Phase 1
  • 2023 Q2 
  • Releasing Comic exclusively for holders. 200 holder will receive physical copy that was signed by the writer and artist.
  • 2023 Q3-4
  • Merch market with exclusive discount for holders.
  • 2023 Q4
  • female CaveMates
  • 2024
  • Breeding
  • CaveMates holders can merge male and females to creat new born cavemate baby.
  • Coming Soon...

Meet The Mates


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Strategy Advisor


What is CaveMates Club?

The CaveMates Club is an NFT pfp Collection of 10K generative characters with over 260 hand-drawn attributes, which are ready to travel through time and ready to live on Ethereum blockchain forever, Some CaveMates are considered SuperMates, they are fully hand-drawn and presented with exclusive 1/1 traits.

How many CaveMates will time traveling?

10K CaveMates in total.

Which blockchain is used for CaveMates?

CaveMates Club is using Ehtherum Blockchain, by taking advantage of ERC721A smart contract optimized for gas consumption. That consumes less gas than standard ERC721, especially when you are minting more than one NFTs.

When CaveMates Are available to MINT?

Minting starts on "TBA" For more info about whitlisting please join our social networks.

What is the price for minting one CaveMate?

- Free mint, total supply 200 CaveMates. - Pre-mint 0.06 ETH + gas fee

Is there any pre sale?


Is there any royality on secondary market?

YES! there is 7% royalty on secondary market.